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Festive Christmas apps


With Christmas just around the corner one can feel overwhelmed with how many things need to get done. Why not use your phone to help you make the season fun again with these festive apps?

Christmas Ringtones for android (by JRJ Unlimited)

Christmas tree light

Start with some festive music by updating your ringtone to one of 45 cheerful tunes that will fill you with holiday spirit and drive those around you nuts!

Christmas Countdown

Then add one of several Christmas countdown apps to help keep on-task for gift shopping and fill you with a sense of anticipation. Many of these include a holiday wallpaper that will remind you of Christmas everytime you look at your phone.

25 Days of Christmas for iPhone

This is a free app that includes daily mini games and discounts on other apps as fun way to count down until the big day.



If you never know what to get people for Christmas, Giftster gift registry is a great tool that allows your friends and family to sign up to a group and make wish lists of what they want, ranking their choices for others to see.

It has space for clothing sizes, general preferences, things not to buy, where to get the gift and for a photo or website address to make finding the gift a cinch.

Each member of the group can mark what they have already bought, to avoid doubling up. The app is free in both the App Store and Play Store. You can also use it to make private lists of what you have bought so far or things you might like in future.

With it's easy to understand format this app is perfect for all gift giving occasions. Happy shopping!

card maker

Greeting Card maker

Send beautiful Christmas e-cards to remind your loved ones you are thinking of them. The best one we found in the Play Store was this free one, which is highly customisable, allowing you to add text, drawings and photos to one of many backgrounds. You can freely add-on bundles for different occasions but can also upgrade to get rid of the adds. Cards can be sent by Messenger, WhatsApp, email or SMS.

Perfect Christmas Dinner / Christmas Dinner

Having the whole family over but don't know what to cook for the perfect Christmas dinner? Well, there's an app for that too!

For Android users the Christmas Dinner app is free and offers a full range of recipes for appetisers and snacks through to main meals and desserts.

The app also offers Christmas recipes for vegetarian, gluten free and health conscious diets, as well as food from various ethnicities.

For both Android and iOS the free Perfect Christmas Dinner app offers over 25 step-by-step video tutorials on all of your Christmas favourites like turkey with all the trimmings and delicious fruit mince pies.

With all these great apps, Christmas is sorted!

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