There’s an APP for that ...

Olive Tree Bible Study app


Are you curious to read the Bible but do not know where to start? Have you ever read something from the Bible but not been able to understand it? Have you ever wanted to look up a phrase, place name, person or verse in the Bible but not had any idea where it was?

Olive Tree Bible study app not only gives you free access to several versions of the Bible, and even in different languages, but also offers maps, dictionaries, commentaries and archaeological resources to help you truly understand what you are reading. These are available for purchase in the store, although some are free.

It also offers free reading plans to help you read through the Bible systematically, chronologically (in the order the books were written or the historical events happened), or thematically; and studies to help you apply what you read to everyday situations. Buttons at the end of each passage take you straight to the next passage on your list, without you having to look it up.

The app allows you to highlight a passage, save, share and make notes on it, and has a split screen facility that allows you to look up extra information on the passage you are reading without losing your place; or to compare different versions as you read.

Olive Tree also allows you look up any word or phrase, or jump between verses and books in the Bible easily. It gives you access to the original languages the Bible was written in so you can see why words may have translated differently or understand the nuances behind a verse.

Great for those who have never picked up a Bible and those who might be a bit bored with reading it the same old way – and a lot less embarrassing to read in public than a big, black book!

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