Rebellion conquered by truth

Misleading people about my spiritual health only hurt myself, says Maggie

Maggie Vilakazi
Maggie Vilakazi is not pretending any more.

For years, Maggie Vilakazi lived a rebellious lifestyle while thinking that she was right with God because she was from a Christian family.

"I was not living rightly," Maggie explains.

"I stole things and slept with my boyfriend but was still singing in the church choir. I lived rebelliously but pretended to the church that I was spiritually born again.

"I made people think that I knew God, but I was actually misleading others who are not born-again Christians by living in rebellion against God."

Maggie says she reviewed the direction of her life during a song at church.

"A worshipful song touched my spirit. I felt the conviction of God the Holy Spirit that I needed to repent, to change my mind about obeying God, and surrender control of my life to Jesus."

Maggie says she confessed all her wrong thoughts and actions to God and believed that Jesus had forgiven her of her sins through His death on the cross.

After this, she says, "I started to live in obedience to Jesus and no longer wanted to be engaged in wrong things."

A worshipful song touched my spiritMaggie was then baptized in water to publicly declare her faith in Jesus.

Going into the water symbolized that her old life was now dead, then rising up again was a symbol of her new life in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like an athlete in physical training, she excitedly declares that Jesus "got everything into shape" within her spirit and mind so that she can serve others.

Maggie explains, "I developed a heart for sharing Jesus with people, helping and counselling those down and depressed."

With a smile, she concludes "I live for Christ", which has lead her into full-time Christian ministry.

"I am here to fulfil Jesus' purpose to be sharpened spiritually, and be equipped for the spiritual work of God's Kingdom."

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