with Karl Faase

Finding meaning in life

Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl was a remarkable person. He was a psychologist who survived a Nazi death camp in World War II. He lost many of his family and community in places like Auschwitz. Frankl used these experiences to understand life and how we deal with pain.

A key issue for Frankl was the meaning of life. If life, whether good or bad, has no meaning or purpose, then it becomes pointless. In times of pain and struggle, the lack of meaning in life can reduce existence to a pointless struggle on a daily basis, he found.

For Frankl, the only way to survive pain and suffering was to understand the meaning and purpose behind the struggle, and thus give hope to the pain.

How do we find meaning? I believe we do this by looking to our Creator. God created you, God loves you, and God reaches out to you through Jesus. In the most difficult times of life, God understands and walks with you.

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