Need a dad this Father’s Day?

dad with son

For some, Father's Day is a time to celebrate the love and guidance of a cherished parent; for others, it's a reminder of past abuse, neglect or even loss. Whether our relationships with our fathers are thriving or strained, present or absent, through Jesus we can ultimately find comfort and peace in the unconditional love our Father in heaven has for us.

Michelle, a prisoner in Texas, writes:
"I am blessed and honored to have this time [in prison] dedicated to learning about my [heavenly] Dad!

"I grew up with no father figure and had a lot of hurt and bitterness towards my earthly dad for not once adding to my life, but always taking away from it. But, praise God! I now realize that I've always had a Father—He was just waiting for me to come to Him."

Many people who are in prison come from broken or abusive families. If you, like Michelle, have never had a positive relationship with an earthly father, why not read the Bible and discover the deep, extravagant love your heavenly Father has for you and how He can heal the hurts of your heart.

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