By Susie Kearley

Jesus said: ‘I am the Life’

If a religious leader or celebrity stood up today and said, "I am the Life", you would probably think they were mad or madly egotistical. The media would have a heyday, and comedians would enjoy poking fun at them.

So why do Christians take Jesus' words so seriously, when He said this? And what did He mean?

Whatever your religion, most people believe that Jesus was sane, good, and truthful, so it is worth finding out what He really meant. His declaration that "I am the Life" was a huge revelation about Himself because He meant, "I am eternal, the life that you have came from me and I can give you eternal life."

That's huge! Basically, He was claiming to be God, and as such, that He had the ability to grant everlasting life.

The rest of Jesus' teaching and the rest of the books of the Bible also affirm this. Jesus said that the prophecies of the older books of the Bible were about Him, coming to earth as God's Son.

Jesus proved His divinity by His miracles and by the ultimate miracle – coming back to life three days after being crucified – which He prophesied would happen.

And His offer is not only about eternal life later in heaven, but real life in the here and now. Jesus said: "I have come that they may have zoé [life], and have a full, abundant zoé [life]."

The Greek word "zoé" means God's never-ending life, which Jesus said He grants and guarantees to anyone the moment they surrender themselves to Him.

Another indication that Jesus was not mad or lying is that millions of people have found this to be true in their own lives.

If you put your trust in Him, you receive this spiritual life – a life knowing God's presence and love for you and a guaranteed rescue from His perfect justice at the end of time. What Jesus said comes true today!

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