The naked preacher

Steve Grant
Steve Grant in his playing days

In the college football scene, Colts linebacker Steve Grant was known as "The Naked Preacher".

In the locker rooms after a game Steve would shower, dry off, wrap a towel around himself, pick up a Bible and ask anyone who would listen: "Do you know Jesus?" prompting the counter question, "Do you know you're half naked?"

Locker room frequenters knew to avoid him, and some managed to. Others, notably NFL star Derwin Gray, did not succeed for long.

It was Steve who led Derwin to the Lord, as he continues to do with others now.

"I believe as Christians you can smile and have fun," the footballer turned Texas Tech University football team chaplain says.

"A particularly challenging idea for athletes is the notion that God is still God, even when He doesn't show up on your timetable.

"Many athletes want instant success now, but God is a God who does things perfectly in His time frame."

With his own football career cut short in 1997 due to injuries, Steve is speaking from experience.

Steve Grant preaching
Steve Grant preaching to students.

"I was stumbling through life, wondering who I was; trying to find myself through fame, money, power, women. It wasn't until I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior that everything became clear, and I finally became who I was destined to be."

As a chaplain, Steve now advises young players on how to handle the stress, the pressure, the attention, and anything else that comes with being a star football player in America.

He says athletes often try to shoulder personal burdens on their own, and suggests they instead find supportive people to help work through struggles.

"No man is an island unto himself," he says.

"You can't make it as an athlete by yourself.

"As strong as you are physically, sometimes [God] requires others to help you."

He also says it is important for players to become as attuned to God's voice as a child is to his parents'.

"So many Christians are so frustrated with God because they don't recognise his voice," Steve says.

"Know God's voice."

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