By Rick Lewers

Are we in a state of confusion?

"Where are we now in the west? As our liberalism loses touch with its Christian roots it is becoming even more confused, intolerant, and incapable of delivering a good political culture."

This is a quote from Greg Sheridan, the foreign editor for the Weekend Australian. He recited the words of George Orwell: "One cannot have any worthwhile picture of the future unless one realizes how much we have lost by the decay of Christianity."

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Historically, Christianity in the West offered clarity not confusion while discouraging intolerance by open debate, freedom of speech and an awareness of the dignity of the individual given by God who made us in His image.

Male and female He made us in His image, equal in worth but not the same - complementary. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually complementary.

Sexual? Yes! But never so reductionist as to define a person only in terms of their sexuality. Defined by relationship? Yes! But the order of relationship is God first and then our neighbor.

The beauty of putting God first is that a loving, perfect, moral authority speaks into every other relationship we have, governing how we live toward each other, and guiding us in matters such as family and human sexuality.

But here-in lies the problem. In the world of iPads, iPods, iMacs, a rebellion in the "iSelf" world exists in us from birth.

The spread of such rebellion varies from the hypocrite in church to the hypocrite who refuses to go to church, through to the anarchist. The anarchist being a person who rebels against any authority. That is what makes an anarchist so dangerous. They will submit to nothing and no one, including God.

I have often heard the statement, "You don't have to go to church to be a Christian". That in itself indicates how little a person knows about the teaching of Jesus Christ and the value of Christian living. The statement does not reveal the heart of a Christian but the heart of the "iSelf" anarchist.

With distance comes ignorance and with ignorance you don't believe nothing, you begin to believe anything.

Worse still, "iSelf" fashions shape your thinking and responses rather than understanding the mind of God on the issue. The hope, as always, is repentance. Surrendering the anarchic "iSelf" to God may be difficult and require significant courage and humility but He promises forgiveness and life changing assistance.

Lack of surrender by Australians will not of course change God but it will for eternity ruin relationship with God, while corrupting the present with confusion and selfishness.

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