by inmate Wesley T. of Texas

Second chance

Looking back on my so-called life,
All I see is broken promises, pain and strife.
They say it’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday.
I’m oh so tired of living my life that way.

I’m in and out of dope houses,
Sleeping on the floor,
No lights or no water.
Staying up for days, calling my meth pipe my best friend.
It’s an ongoing battle with no beginning or end.

But something in my head tells me life has just begun.
God’s love has just been sown.
A new life I’m set to run.
Another chance to try again.
I look forward to tomorrow.
Goodbye to pain and sorrow.

I’m glad all that stuff has come to an end.
Drug abuse, bad choices and negative trends.
Now I have a second chance.
A new beginning and a new best friend.
Thank you, Lord! Let the show begin.

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