Sex became my god

John’s life was crippled by his addictions until he found true freedom

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Alcohol was a controller of John DeHart's life and nearly killed him when he got behind the wheel of a car drunk and had an accident. The Jaws of Life had to be used to remove him from the vehicle. Luckily for John he survived with only two stitches to his face.

Food also became an addiction when John tried to eat away his problems, eventually causing him to blow up to 250 lbs, and suffer many health problems.

But that wasn't the biggest issue.

"Sex became my god," John confesses about his previous sexual addiction.

"Sexual immorality, fornication, adultery and pride led me to prison, I was in a long term immoral relationship with my step daughter with whom I fathered six children. Although alcohol stopped being an issue, food accompanied my sexual immorality addiction which later on down the track progressed towards an addiction to pain killers."

John pleaded guilty to the case of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse as his step daughter was only 15 at the time of the relationship. As a result of John's crime they lost their children and John was sentenced to 5-10 years in prison.

At this point in his life it was hard for John to see any kind of happiness in his life and how anything could make his life better.

When he was on the
outside John DeHart
was trapped but in prison
he has been set free.
It wasn't until he was sitting in his prison cell, alone with his thoughts that he started to read a Bible and realize the truth about what he had done in his life. "I said 'I did this?' Then with tears in my eyes I called on Christ from my cell. Through His Word, God convicted me of my wrongs. It wasn't until the spiritual blindfold came off that I realized what a wretch I had become," he admits.

John's coming to Christ evoked a vivid spiritual vision when God spoke to him. "I called out to God, hearing his voice as tears rolled down my face, my cell doors cracked open on a whole block and then I saw and felt Christ all around me.

Though John had heard the Gospel message when he was a child attending church it wasn't until that moment that the word of God spoke to him. After becoming a Christian, his life has turned around dramatically.

John now feels an overwhelming sense of joy, contentment and love that he has never felt before. "My friends here (in prison) now call me 'John the Baptist' or 'Reverend John' not because of me but because they see Christ in me! I am no longer insecure but am complete in Christ. I think totally different now and am reading God's word and praying every day. God has restored my stepdaughter back in my life as my daughter who now calls me 'Dad'.

"God has renewed my mind by the living word of Christ, the change is progressive and each day my family notice how different I am. My step daughter says I inspire her through my Godly attitude. I no longer think of my addictions but instead think of God. I have been set free here in prison. I'm not who I was before."

John particularly finds Micah 7:8 a very encouraging verse for him "When I fall, I shall rise, when I sit in darkness my Lord shall be my light."

He tells other prisoners: "God is real and loves all of you! He sent His Son to die on the cross for all of us... Jesus can and will give you a new life through faith in Him. Jesus is the true light and the only way to eternal life."

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