Grateful for parents’ courage

George Ashmore
George Ashmore says his mother gave her life so that he could live - just like Jesus did.

Being alive has a more powerful meaning for George Ashmore as his father and mother made the ultimate sacrifice for him just after their joyful post-WWII reunion.

“My mother and father lost some seven years due to the war,” George recounts with a mixture of pride and sadness.

Married in 1946, his parents were eager to begin a family in their mid-30s, but after his brother Philip’s birth George’s mother was diagnosed with cancer while George was in her womb.

Rather than legally abort their son to preserve her life, his parents courageously chose to continue the pregnancy and forego chemotherapy.

This meant that before George turned 1, in 1949, his mother died of her cancer, and his father was left to raise their two heathy sons alone.

“I am alive today,” George says proudly, “because a very brave lady, supported by her husband, decided that the life of her unborn child was more important than her own life.”

Twenty one years later he met the woman of his dreams, and in the process of preparing for their wedding they chose to visit the church of the pastor who would marry them.

“The first Sunday I was not paying much attention to the preaching, but when the pastor later shared the good news of Jesus Christ and His love and forgiveness for my sin, I could not stop myself from walking to the front.”

"No one has the right to snuff out the unborn”There George surrendered control of his life to Jesus, trusting Him as King and Saviour of his life, and found “salvation”, that is, a new everlasting life in God.

As he reflects on his mother’s sacrifice, George notes a parallel with Jesus’ gift to mankind.

“My Mom gave her life that I may live, and Jesus gave His life for my sin so that I may have eternal life with Him – can there be any greater love?” George asks.

The change that God brings about in a new Christian, George says, is just as extraordinary as the miracle of God that a new unborn baby is given a soul, mind and body.

We call an unborn child a foetus, and I guess for some it makes it easier to accept abortion when we are talking about a bunch of cells or a foetus rather than what it really is, an unborn boy or girl,” George says. “But life is a gift from God and no-one has the right to snuff out the unborn, the most innocent of all mankind.”

“Abortion may be legal according to man’s laws,” he adds, “but to shed the blood of such an innocent is unlawful in God’s eyes.”

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