Asthmatic finds life of joy

My trials brought me to God, says former chronic sufferer

Saint Chitoshi
Saint Chitoshi and his wife

Inheriting the restrictive condition of asthma brought so much pain to Saint Chitoshi he considered suicide.

"I was born with asthma, because my grandmother had it," Saint begins.

"I had a hard time as a boy being unable to freely play with friends. I felt rejected as they whispered my nickname 'Asthma Boy'."

Saint thankfully recalls that his parents were very loving and tried their best to help their son, but nothing really worked.

"They paid doctors and witchdoctors, who gave my parents conflicting information that frustrated them and the problem grew worse."

Saint heard doctors say that he was critical and that there was no hope of improvement.

"Fear of death gripped me. It began to attack me every week, whether it was hot or cold, or if I was happy or sad. Once half of an asthma pill worked, but then even if I took two or more pills it no longer worked."

As his stress increased, he was unable to sleep as he asked himself why he deserved this suffering. He dreamt of dead people being buried in a grave, and once saw his own face among the dead.

"I asked myself, 'Why was I created different from others? Why is my life full of suffering and pain?'

"Darkness covered me and I didn't see a reason to live, so I planned to commit suicide to end all the suffering."

But then, Saint wondered, would he have peace and rest after he died? He had no idea whether there was life after death.

With these difficult questions, he started his search for answers by looking at those who trusted in the God of the Bible.

"I looked at those who had Jesus in them. They said that they had peace and their face was shining.

"Even when I was drunk, I always noted that the joy Christians have was different from that of drunk men."

As he admired the lives of Christians, Saint realised that he was falling far short of God's moral standards and needed to receive God's forgiveness,.

Saint says, "I began to realise that I was a sinner, but I didn't do what I should do to be forgiven from all my sins."

One night in 1996, while drinking beer at his friend's house, he saw his friend cry out in his intoxicated state of mind and immediately Saint knew he needed the true joy Christians had.

"I got the conviction right then that I needed God to resolve my problems.

"The following Sunday I listened to the preaching at church. I later went to a youth camp and heard the pastor explain the need to be spiritually born again. It was there where I gave my life to Jesus, asking Him to forgive me of my sin."

“I don’t dream about dead people anymore”Saint says that since he became a Christian many things have changed in my life.

Just like the other Christians he met, Saint explains, "I experienced the peace I never had before. I no longer fear the unknown or death, and I feel loved by God and my friends.

"I was also healed from asthma. I am now free from the pain and suffering of the sickness that almost lead me to the grave through suicide."

Freed from the fear of death because he knew Jesus, Saint says, "I now experience unexplained peace, joy, love and assurance of my salvation. I don't dream about dead people anymore."

Knowing God's forgiveness for all his sins, he is also able to forgive others. He says, "before it was hard, or impossible, to forgive people or myself for wrongs done."

Saint hopes his testimony encourages many, particularly those with similar problems., He says the solution is having a personal relationship with God and trust His providence.

"I always pray whenever I need God's help in anything in my life or family," he says.

"Reading the Bible helped my faith and dependence on God to grow." Quoting Hebrews chapter 11, verse 6, Saint concludes, "For without faith it is impossible to please God."

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