By Andrew Halloway

Jesus said: ‘I am the way’

at the sign post

Have you ever heard someone say, 'I lost my way in life'? It is usually when they have made a mistake or done something they regret, which has had serious consequences.

But a more common problem is simply lack of direction. Some people are certain of their aims in life, but most of us simply 'muddle through', doing the best we can. Others are confused, simply not knowing which way to turn.

I am sure it was little different in Jesus' time, so to hear someone stand up and confidently say 'I am the Way'* must have been pretty shocking. Not just, 'I know the way', but 'I am the Way itself'.

What did Jesus mean? It is quite simple. He was saying that He was the way to God. In His very next sentence, He said: "No one comes to the Father [God] except through Me."

Now that's quite a claim. Today, it is controversial – as it clearly means that Jesus is the only way to God. And it was no different in Jesus' time – most of the Jews who heard him say this could not get their heads around it either.

But the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Millions of Christians today and down through 2,000 years have found by experience that Jesus claim is true.

When they have put their trust in Jesus as the Way, they have found God. They have come to know Him for themselves – a personal relationship where they have felt God's presence, His love and His guidance.

If you don't know what life is all about, or worry that your life is going nowhere, Jesus is the Way. His path is not always smooth – but it is the right path, and it leads to everlasting life with our Creator.?

*Find it in the Bible: John chapter 14 verse 6

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