Minister back on track

Teboho Tsotetsi
Teboho Tsotetsi says ‘without God I am useless’.

Teboho Tsotetsi was once an ordained minister but hanging out with bad company left him wishing he had not drifted away from his close relationship with Jesus.

"I didn't listen to the Word of God," Teboho confesses, "Life without God is meaningless."

Now serving out a prison sentence for robbery, Teboho had a bright future ahead of him before turning away from God and making some bad decisions.

"Life was hard growing up because I was the eleventh child born in my family but I still managed to finish school, got a good job working as a quality controller, got married and had three children," he shares.

"Yet unfortunately I started mixing with bad friends, began to drink alcohol and had affairs with other women. I lied to my wife about many things like saying I'll be doing overtime at work when I was in fact cheating on her."

A school friend was the one who had first shared the good news with Teboho about the new life Jesus Christ offers, and at first it was a great blessing in his life.

"At first I thought the Gospel (good news of Jesus) was only for white people but God saved my life when, at age 15, I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour," he shares.

Yet when Teboho turned away from doing God's will in his life, hanging out with bad friends, getting drunk and having affairs eventually led to him losing his job.

“I need Jesus more than ever”"When I ended up in prison I saw that without God I am useless. There are three kids that I need to take care of outside."

This wake-up call helped Teboho get back on track with God, as he says "I need Jesus more than ever".

After confessing all his sins to Jesus and recommitting his life to God, Teboho knows that God has never given up on him or forsaken him.

"If you acknowledge Jesus in everything you do, you shall prosper," he shares from experience.

"Now I am free, Christ is in me and I have the hope of glory (in heaven one day)."

Instead of hanging out with people who he knows will lead him away from God, Teboho says he prays, fasts from food and fellowships with other Christians to keep his walk with God strong and secure.

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