By Karl Faase

What makes people happy?


US academic, Tim Krasser, from Knox College, Illinois, has done a study on what makes us happy. Surprisingly, rather than making us happy, he found that material prosperity has the opposite effect. He found that those focused on materialism have a greater risk of depression, physical irritations, drug abuse and poor personal relationships. This was true whether they were successful at acquiring wealth or just motivated by acquisition.

So where do we find happiness and a sense of personal wellbeing? Another study by Professor of Psychology David Meyers says the answers can be found in four areas.

  1. Be sure to have good friends and build deep personal relationships.
  2. Reach out to those in need; look beyond yourself.
  3. Find work that engages your skills.
  4. Look after your soul.

Meyers says it's important to look beyond the physical to the spiritual, to take time to reach out to God. A personal relationship with God is the best investment you will ever make.

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