Adulterer finds God on a train

Albert Thlakole
Albert Thlakole

When Albert Thlakole went to Johannesburg, away from his wife, for work, he found the temptation of other women too much to resist – even women from church!

"I started running around with women and was known and loved by many," he admits.

His wife soon found out about his adultery, which led to serious conflict at home and caused Albert to question where his life was going, and to realise that even though he had a Christian upbringing, he was not able to live a pure life in his own strength.

Unlike many boys, he had grown up with a good role model in his father, a strong believer who did not get involved with any wrongdoing. Albert had even been a youth leader in his church as a young man, but that did not keep him from falling into sin.

Then, one day in Johannesburg in 1987, he had a life-changing experience on while travelling on a train.

"There was an evangelist preaching a powerful message of salvation through faith in [Jesus] Christ. I was convicted and made aware of my sins. That night I gave my life to Christ and asked God to forgive me and cleanse my heart," Albert recalls.

When he wrote and told his wife about his transformation, she did not believe him and thought he was joking. But as she watched his life carefully and saw the profound changes in his attitude and behaviour, her relationship with Albert changed too.

"Since then," says Albert, "I have not looked back to my old life. God transformed my life and gave me victory over sin, especially my old adultery. I went through some serious temptations but God helped me through."

He has also seen God work mightily in his family, healing his daughter of epilepsy through prayer, and bringing all his family to belief in Jesus' power to save them from their sins.

"Before my family was haunted by witchcraft but since [giving my life to God] I have enjoyed peace and joy in my heart and protection from evil forces," Albert declares.

Albert shares the prayer he prayed for salvation and invites others to pray it too:

"Dear God, I am a sinner but when I die I want to go to heaven. I come to you Lord and humble myself before You. Please forgive my sin.

"I open my heart for you to come in and save me. Cleanse my heart, give me a new heart, a new life. Make me a new creation, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

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