Anger turned into a smile

Bajuta Iscariot
Bajuta Iscariot says God brings righteousness.

Bajuta was once consumed with anger and hidden hurt but today his smile is genuine.

Kabelo Andries Mashomo, better known as Bajuta Iscariot, had a disappointing childhood that left him with many hurts.

“My heart was cold, scared and in pain and anger,” Bajuta shares. “My family showed me their love through beating me.”

He was surrounded by bad role models and, when he could no longer handle life with his family, he turned to making it on his own.

“I became a hustler and allowed the devil to control my life. I was trying to get rid of the pain I was hiding but I didn’t know how to heal my heart,” he says.

Then at age 20 his anger over his past got the better of him.

“I began to fight and I ended up stabbing a person to death ... I did not plan to commit murder but the fury and evil inside of me caused this to happen,” he confesses sadly.

Sentenced to 7 years in prison, Bajuta began thinking about God because of his fear of death. “I started attending the Christian programs in the prison chapel only because they promised to give us food so we can feel more at home in the house of God,” he admits.

“I planned to just sit there without paying attention waiting for it to finish. When the program began I started feeling different. Someone got up to tell their testimony and I began to pay attention.”

Soon Bajuta says he started to see that he was serving the devil but that his life belongs to the God who created him. Suddenly he had a choice to make. The future was in his hands.

“I turned back to my Creator who is also my Father in heaven ... and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour because of the love He gives,” Bajuta explains.

This love God has for him and all people, he realised, was enough for God to send His only Son Jesus to die for the wrong things he had done. This selfless sacrifice was enough to provide a way for him to have eternal life in heaven and a relationship with God if he chose to.

Bajuta feels like a new creation.“Since I have been in the Centre of Excellence I realised that the devil seeks to destroy us but God brings righteousness,” he says.

When Bajuta made the decision to accept Jesus’ offer of forgiveness and new life he knew straight away that he needed to forgive and pray for his parents and family despite all the hurt that they had inflicted on him.

“I saw that God has a purpose for me in my life whatever situation I am in,” he shares.

“I love God because He changed my life. I used to fight all the time and steal things but since God (the Holy Spirit) is in me I saw that all those evil deeds were controlled by the devil.”

It has not been all easy though. Bajuta says he lost a lot of friends from the gang he was a part of. Yet what he gained was worth a lot more.

“Since I accepted the Lord into my life I started to build friendships with other Christians,” he explains.

“God has healed hurts from my past and shown me that I am not a fluke, mishap or coincidence. God has helped me be a better person today. I feel so much more loving and caring. I feel like a new creation through Him and I am grateful for the love of God,” he concludes with a smile.

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