Hard life finds rest

Isaac Sedumedi
Isaac Sedumedi

Isaac Sedumedi’s hard past is evident in his prematurely aging face, with its blind eye and missing teeth. It has taken him most of his 53 years to find the love and freedom he had been looking for in all the wrong places.

As a young man, Isaac started running with the wrong crowd, which led to years of alcohol and drug addiction, lawless living and sexual immorality as he tried to have his need for love met by many different girlfriends.

Then Isaac was arrested and jailed for shop lifting.

In prison he heard about Jesus and started to go to the prison church services regularly, and praying day and night to God to better his circumstances.

“I realised that I was heading for an early grave with the way I was living,” Isaac admits, “I saw all these other men living the right way and obeying God’s rules, so, through reading the Bible and the encouragement of my mother, I prayed for God to forgive all my wrongdoing and fill me with his Holy Spirit (the unseen power of God).”

Now Isaac is eager to tell others about the greatness of God.

He can see how God has worked in his life, as he now lives an upright life obeying God’s word, and treats others with respect.

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