Ladies’ man becomes God’s man

Godfrey Thebe
Godfrey Thebe says he is now a better person.

Godfrey Thebe once mocked people who believed in religion and a God they could not see despite having been raised in a Christian home and attending church with his mother.

Life was hard for them when his mother could not find work as a domestic worker, and as a 12 year old Godfrey made some bad friends who introduced him to dagga and alcohol.

When he became an adult, he found a job on the mines but was still plagued by wrongdoing.

“I was addicted to alcohol and drugs and also to being a womaniser,” the good-looking 33-year-old admits. “I liked to play games with girls.”

One night Godfrey and his friends got together with some girls to drink, smoke and have sex.

The next morning the men were arrested for not paying the girls as much money as they had agreed.

In prison Godfrey finally stopped running from God and started attending church and reading the Bible.

“Prison was not the end of the world. I quit smoking dagga and tobacco and searched for God,” he says.

The sermons he heard and the example and encouragement of his mother caused Godfrey to finally give his life to Jesus and become a Christian.

“He transformed my life and now I am a better person. He helped me overcome my sins,” Godfrey says.

“Believe and trust in Almighty God who made heaven and Earth, because He is always right and does not disappoint His people when He promises to provide for them. He is the God of the rich and the poor, plants and animals, and has everlasting love no individual can measure,” he concludes.

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