Seeking after the kingdom

Eugene Pooe
Eugene Pooe says he is no longer an outcast.

“I felt so dirty for my wrong doings. I asked myself how long I was going to keep on living like that,” confesses Eugene Pooe, currently in prison for theft.

Eugene had grown up poor because his parents found it difficult to find work and they could not afford to pay for his schooling.

“Things were so bad because of poverty and unemployment,” he remembers.

From an early age he became an outcast, stealing and using drugs and alcohol to feed a growing habit.

Eventually Eugene was caught breaking into people’s properties and stealing, and was jailed for eight years on two counts of robbery.

In prison his guilt and loneliness led Eugene to try and find out what was the right way to live.

“I was inspired by the Bible verse that says ‘seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness’ (Matthew 6:33).

“That made me Now Eugene is no longer an outcast decide to attend church regularly and there I met people who preached God’s word and worshipped God and I ended up growing into faith,” he testifies.

“I felt so dirty for my wrongs““God gave me the strength to pray and ask Him what to do with my life. I thought about being saved from my evil past. I prayed for God to change my life.”

Eugene realised that acknowledging his guilt and accepting that Jesus’ death on the cross was able to save him from his sins (wrongdoings) was all he needed to do to be saved.

“Jesus is the Saviour,” he declares joyfully.

Now Eugene is no longer an outcast but he is accepted into the family of God.

“Just like God revealed Himself to Joseph in the prison cell in Egypt (in the Biblical story in Genesis), God has helped me by showing me His power and His authority over my life.

“I urge others to seek first the kingdom of God because God will never forsake His own children. He made us in His own image and He loves us.”

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