Two liars find the truth


Brigid Jepchirchir
Brigid Jepchirchir

Brigid Jepchirchir was a liar. She knew it was wrong to deceive but she just couldn't stop telling tales.

When she was in her final years of high school, her cousin was badly burned in a fire, and sustained fatal injuries. But before she died, she had shared with Brigid her conviction that Jesus Christ is God and that His life and death made a way for sinners to be made clean.

"My cousin's death scared me," admits Brigid. "She was sure she was going to God, but what about me? If I died where would I go?"

Then Brigid went to a youth conference where the pastor preached about the love of God and said it doesn't matter how much sin you have committed, God still loves you.

"I was led by the pastor to pray the sinner's prayer and I prayed accepting Jesus into my life and dedicating my life to serve Him as my Lord."

Brigid says she noticed immediate changes in her life, but the lying took time and prayer, and she overcame it bit by bit.

"Lying was a great challenge to me. I would ask God's forgiveness and then find myself lying again. I had to pray God's Word [verses from the Bible] over me to stop the lying spirit.

"I had to confess to my parents because it was mainly to them I had lied. I have made a promise to them to speak the truth at all times."

The story in the biblical book of Acts chapter 5 about Ananias and Sapphira lying to God, helped Brigid to see the seriousness of her sin in the eyes of God and to turn away from it.

Now she finds comfort in Romans 8:1 that says there is no longer anything to accuse her of because Jesus has washed away all her sins (wrongdoing).

"The love of Jesus is so great and His grace is all sufficient. The blood of Jesus can cleanse you from all sins. Jesus will receive you no matter what kind of mistakes you have made," Brigid declares.


Precious Mpedzisi
Precious Mpedzisi

Precious Mpedzisi was a very withdrawn, quiet child who didn't interact much with others, causing her mother to worry that there was something wrong with her.

Later she became a gossip and liar, who made up tales to get attention, like telling people she had been robbed when she had not. "I would hate people for no reason," she confesses.

However, Precious always had before her the example of her mother's faith.

"My mother would boast about her good God and say that she was what she was because of Jesus."

Her mother took Precious to church from a young age but Precious could never recall a single word of what went on, only when her mother took her to a crusade meeting in her twenties did Precious suddenly feel "something coming out of me" and she was able to pray and accept God as her personal saviour.

"There were so many lies I had to confess," she reveals. "I also had to change my attitude towards others and learn to love them." This happened through praying herself and asking others for prayer.

It has been 18 years since that life-changing crusade but Precious says she has known supernaturally good health. "Since committing myself to Christ, sickness is a thing of the past and I have grown from one level to another," she says.

"No matter what you encounter in life, there is a loving God who cares for you," Precious encourages others. "No matter how big you think your sin is, God will cleanse it and carry your burdens for you. God wants you to be saved. It hurts Him to see people perish. He, the God Almighty, is the author and finisher of our lives."

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