Released from alcohol

Addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, unable to get financially stable and recklessly fathering children by several different women, Thokozani Dlamini knew that his life was out of control.

Then one night, while drunk, he stabbed his girlfriend, nearly killing her. He could have lost his job and ended up in jail, but his girlfriend lied for him and said she had been stabbed in a robbery.

“I decided
to give the
whole mess
to Jesus”
Thokozani realised things had to change.

He had grown up in a God-fearing home with his stepmother and he often listened to gospel songs, so he knew that Jesus was the one who could set him free from his destructive lifestyle and set him on the right path.

"Everything I was doing was a mess," Thokozani confesses. "I was without money, continuing to have more kids and unable to quit drinking and smoking.

"In December 2015, I decided to go to church and give the mess to Jesus."

Thokozani Dlamini
Thokozani Dlamini says God is able to help you beat an addiction.

He says his soul is now filled with peace.

"God changed the way I live. My old ways are gone. I feel joy in my soul. My finances are getting stable. I have a home and a wife."

Thokozani went back to his first child's mother and asked her to marry him, because he realised that his sleeping around was like "discarding gold to scratch among stones".

"God has made my burden (in life) so easy and I have a wonderful pastor who encourages me every step of the way. I have started looking after a branch of his church.

"To those who don't think you can beat an addiction, I assure you God is able and He is faithful to see you through," Thokozani assures.

Like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the Biblical story of the fiery furnace, he says he believes God will deliver him from the trials of his life, but even if God does not, Thokozani will never bow down to idols of his own making again.

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