A book changed it all

Placed in solitary confinement after fighting with another inmate, with nothing else to occupy him, Tshepang Kediga read a book and saw his life completely change.

His background was not in violence but in stealing.

Tshepang and his family had always been short of money. The death of his father and consequent financial struggle left him starving at lunchtime as he watched his classmates eat.

Tshepang Kediga

Later, when he began smoking and drinking, he resorted to theft to satisfy his addiction.

His behavior caught up with him when Tshepang was sentenced to 24 months for housebreaking. Further charges came after he fought with the men in the prison.

"I was put in a single cell," Tshepang recalls. "I had nothing with me, but I had a Bible. I read it and enjoyed it and I decided to change from who I was."

He had been told about Jesus before but did not believe there could be a God out there who loved him, what with all he had lacked. "There were so many times I would look at other kids having everything, including nice clothes and everything that a child needs to be happy," he says.

Tshepang had none of these things.

But as he read from the Bible and started attending church he learned about what God had done for him, and he realized he was loved.

He learned God loved him so much He sent His only son Jesus to die so Tshepang could be free from the things that were holding him captive here on earth, and could have eternal life in Heaven after he died.

Tshepang says, "I decided to change my way of life and I accepted Christ."

And when he did, he noticed his life transform.

"I quit everything through Christ," he says, "smoking and drugs and hurting others...

"[God has] given me strength to overcome difficulties.

"And," he adds, "I am happy."

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