Fear of death and demons vanished

Kahuni and Mary Kayawa
Kahuni and Mary Kayawa say that although they have troubles sometimes, God bulldozes a way through for them.

For years Kahuni Kayawa thought attending church was equal entertainment to the demon possessed speeches of fellow villagers, until one man asked him where was going after he died.

In Kahuni's village a group of missionaries built a primary school, clinic and a church, demonstrating selfless love and compassion to the whole village.

Sadly, Kahuni and the villagers did not consider the missionaries' care for them, instead Kahuni thought of the Bible as only a long entertaining story.

"As a boy I enjoyed going to church, because missionaries were telling us interesting stories every Sunday, like the birth of Jesus, the miracles He performed, the resurrection of Lazarus," Kahuni recalls.

Despite the work of the missionaries, Kahuni says many in the village did not want to trust in God, and instead feared the demons who were opposed to God and had tormented their village for many years.

Kahuni explains: "Some of us were not transformed into followers of Jesus because, when there is demonic activity, we would go and appease the demons.

"We also enjoyed listening to people who were demon possessed when they spoke. For us, going to church and attending demonic ceremonies were both acceptable entertainment."

While Kahuni laughed at those who were controlled by demons, he was still glad he had no manifestation of them in his life.

"I considered myself a good person because I went to church and demons did not control me," he says.

At the age of 19, Kahuni went to Kwe-Kwe to find a job and while he was walking the streets a man stopped him and asked if he was a Christian.

Kahuni replied, "My parents are Christians and I attend church."

The man explained that God is perfect, and we are all sinners, and only by faith in God the Son, Jesus Christ, can we be saved from God's judgement, which is hell.

“I could hear
an inaudible
voice teling
me I was a
Kahuni met with this man again at his house but that night he found that he could not sleep.

"I could hear an inaudible voice inside me telling me that I was a sinner and I needed to believe that Jesus Christ took the punishment for my sins. The good news of Jesus Christ became so vivid and strong that I could not resist," he remembers.

"I confessed my sin and invited Jesus to come into my life and forgive me of my sin."

Kahuni says his attitude to life and death suddenly changed.

"From that moment, I was filled with joy and felt free inside me. Another change that I experienced that night was my fear of death vanished. Jesus gave me a new life and an everlasting life.

"The other was a deep hunger for God's Word. I visited the man who had told me about Jesus Christ was a pastor. He really helped me to grow spiritually."

Three years later, Kahuni went to Bible college explaining, "I wanted to know God's Word better and help other Christians grow in the knowledge of God's Word."

Before he was married, Kahuni says God directed him to work as a pastor. He is now married to Mary and they have a daughter and twin sons.

There have been troubles since becoming a Christian, Kahuni says, but God has enabled him to get through them. "Yes, we do face hardships and temptations," he adds, "but our God is faithful. He bulldozes the way through for us."

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