Flavour finds God’s favour

Jacob Molefe and Arthur
Jacob Molefe, known as Flavour, (right), with his friend Arthur in prison.

Loneliness left a bad taste in the mouth of Jacob Molefe, known as Flavour, after his mother died when he was still a boy.

Without any other family, the hopelessness and lack of supervision caused Jacob to get involved in criminal activities, drugs and street fighting. Out of hunger he also stole from others and eventually from shops.

Somehow though, Jacob realised that there was a God who knew all about his life and he thought on occasion about going to church, although he never went.

One day Jacob was caught stealing from a store and jailed for theft.

Strangely, that was the best thing that had ever happened to him, because in prison he heard a very special sermon.

It convinced him that handing over his life to God and believing in Jesus' payment for his sins on the cross, could turn his life around.

Jacob realised that he wanted to know God and to change the way he lived.

"I gave my heart to Christ and I know I am a Christian because He has changed me for the better," Jacob testifies.

He has been freed of his addiction to drugs and alcohol and no longer steals.

"God has saved me from the horrible circumstances of my life. It couldn't have happened without Him. With God everything is possible."

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