Mental case finds meaning

Chisha Evaristo
Zambian Chisha Evaristo is now of sound mind.

Zambian Chisha Evaristo took so many drugs that he confused his brain and was declared mentally retarded in 1995. He had to be chained up he was so aggressive, and still bears the scars on his wrists and ankles.

Now, however, the former foul-mouthed alcoholic and drug addict is a businessman in his right mind, who loves Jesus and attended a Christian conference in South Africa recently, where he spoke to Challenge News.

"I no longer drink or smoke. The desire is gone. I am delivered. I no longer wake up at midnight looking for drugs.

"God has hugely helped me in numerous ways to overcome my sins, with the help of men and women of God who have preached to me personally and through the media."

Chisha's life turned around after five years of heavy addiction when he realised that there was no life in anything he was doing and a work colleague told him about the hope there is in Jesus.

He remembered the faith of his youth and things he had heard on a Christian radio programme. With the help of his work mate, Chisha prayed for forgiveness for his sins and to be delivered from evil and have eternal life in Christ.

"I wanted to have a meaningful life," he remembers.

Now God has helped him to confess to those he lied to in the past and mend broken relationships.

"People whose lives are a mess, like mine was, should give their lives to Christ. He is more than able to fix them. He wants them, loves them and cares for them," Chisha encourages.

"For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life," he quotes from John 3:16.

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