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Baba Andrew
Baba Andrew is now more than just a convicted armed robber.

Baba Andrew is in prison serving twenty years for armed robbery ... But this doesn't mean that he has lost all hope.

"I ended up giving in to peer pressure situations at school," Baba admits, "I was involved in many crime activities such as robbery, car hijacking, and scamming people."

Baba shares that his pride got in the way a lot. It made him see himself as better than everyone else, causing him to think that he had no need for anyone's help, let alone God's.

Baba says he didn't really think about God or spiritual things before he went to prison.

"I was a church goer but I didn't take Christ seriously," he admits. "What initially prompted me to search for God was a visiting pastor who was preaching about Jesus."

The pastor spoke of giving one's burdens to Jesus and Baba found himself doing just that as his "burden was too heavy" for him to carry alone.

"I realised that a life without Jesus Christ is nothing," he exclaims. "So in August 2006 I accepted the Gospel [the story of Jesus coming to earth to save us by dying on a cross, being buried and rising to life again on the third day]. I have never looked back."

Since then, Baba admits that his whole life has been changed.

"My thoughts are positive," he says happily, "I have forgiven myself and have asked for my victims to forgive me too. My God is a God of forgiveness and love. He's done that to me."

Baba listens to the people who visit the prison and who are willing to share the Bible teachings with others.

"They lift up my spirit," Baba grins.

Baba is committed to doing Bible Studies and is now doing a Theology Diploma.

A Bible passage that is special to him is Psalm 118:1, which says "Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever." Baba says this reminds him to continually praise God.

"I personally thank God for protecting me, my family, and everyone contributing to make me the person that I am," he says in conclusion. "Without the power and help that comes from above, I am nothing in life.

"There is life and joy that is found only in Christ. He sets us free."

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