Fighter finds real love

Wallace Mwale
Wallace Mwale

When half his family was tragically ripped away from him Wallace, shares how he found his way back to hope and joy.

Wallace Mwale has fond memories of the things he used to do with his parents and five siblings, like going to church together every weekend.

At the time, things were good and Wallace felt he was living in the favour of God.

"Being born in a Christian family, I thought I was saved, which was not true," Wallace says.

"I used to think about God a lot but I was not very serious about getting to know Him personally."

Yet he remembers struggling with fighting because he was trained in boxing and karate.

"I always thought I needed to fight those who were stronger than me," he admits. "Then I started stealing after my father passed away and life became difficult."

The crushing blow of losing his father was followed by the death of two of his siblings and then his mother too.

"My other siblings and I became orphans and suffered rejection from both sides of the family," he says sadly.

"Life became painful and meaningless to me and I found reason to leave church. I hated God and didn't want to hear anybody talk about Him. To me He was not good because He allowed my loving and caring parents to die and left us suffering in the world."

Then one day, when Wallace was contemplating committing suicide, he heard a song playing that was talking about the love of God.

"I was touched and sat down and cried bitterly to the Lord," he recalls.

The preacher came on and preached from John chapter 3 verses 10 to 18, which describes what God did for the world so that each person would no longer need to be condemned for their wrongdoing.

"I realised His Word, the Bible, says He loves me even to the extent of giving His only Son (Jesus) to die in my place so that I can believe in Him and can be saved," Wallace explains.

When Wallace began to understand that God loved him that much he knew what he needed to do.

"I was led to pray and confess my sins and accept Jesus to be my personal Lord and Saviour," he says.

"From that day I became a Christian and felt so much peace in my life. I am loved and cared for by God. Before I became Christian I felt I had no future and no hope but now I know that because my Saviour Jesus Christ lives I have hope for today and tomorrow!

"I am no longer fixing my eyes on me for a better future but on Him."

Through studying the Bible and praying, Wallace has received help from God to overcome sins in his life.

"I had to apologise to the friends I used to fight, and ask for forgiveness, and also to some of the people I had stolen things from," he says.

To others he encourages, "Life everlasting and true love, peace and hope that does not disappoint are found in Jesus Christ. All you need to do is believe in Him!"

Today Wallace works as a pastor and has a passion for helping vulnerable and orphaned children like himself through his ministry, Divine Hope of Grace Orphanage, which is based in Lusaka, Zambia.

"I now love and care for 152 children that I am feeding every Saturday. I am looking for more staff, donations and partners in the ministry so please pray for us," he concludes.

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