Finding a life of value

Faith in God was just the family religion and tradition until Jonathan Gondwe discovered what he had been missing all along.

"I was lost in the world and believing in the church without actually knowing Jesus personally in my life," Jonathan explains.

"I hung around with people who were bad influences and loved the things of this world, things like alcohol."

Church was just something he did on a Sunday morning and for over thirty years Jonathan did not realise that attending these services did not automatically save him from hell if he were to die.

"By God's grace I heard a pastor speak at a crusade in Malawi in 2003 and he talked about God's incredible love for us," Jonathan says.

Jesus is
"He spoke from John chapter 3 verse 16, which says 'For God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but will have eternal life.'"

Suddenly Jonathan realised that God cared deeply about him and wanted to know him personally through Jesus Christ.

"Then the pastor said, 'God gave us His only Son, what are we giving to God?'" he recalls.

"I knew that I had not been living my life in accordance with the Word of God and that I needed to ask God for forgiveness and accept Jesus and my personal Lord and Saviour."

Jonathan Gondwe
Jonathan Gondwe

It was then that Jonathan says he gave his life and his will over to God, promising to serve God from that day forward.

"After I was saved I made a decision to go to a Bible college in South Africa and I started a Bible study group at my house so I could fellowship with others and study the Bible," he says.

"Life without Jesus is worthless. When I received Jesus into my life I discovered my ultimate purpose, which is to serve God and bring others to know Him."

Jonathan now pastors a small church on the outskirts of a squatter camp in Kosmos City with the mission to "transform kids and communities".

"God transformed my life from the inside out," he says with a smile. "The Bible says the penalty of sin is death but because I know Jesus personally, I'm free from this curse and can one day go to be with Him in heaven forever."

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