More than just a habit

Christina Lisso

Christina Lisso was baptised at two weeks old and served God as a nun for 24 years, so she thought she was in a right relationship with God and knew what being spiritual meant.

However, she admits she had a problem with drinking too much alcohol and bearing grudges against those who hurt her.

It was only through hearing the good news about Jesus at revival meetings and church conferences that she was challenged to consider whether she had indeed asked Jesus to forgive her sins and fill her with His power, or whether she was just following church rules and regulations in her own strength.

Since making a personal decision to accept Jesus as her Lord, Christina has noticed: "I love people more, I have peace in any challenges, I am happy most of the time and I am now a person who can forgive other people. The Holy Spirit is in me, I trust God more than before, I pray more and I have an assurance that God answers my prayers.

"I am learning to trust God. I have been set free from wanting to drink alcohol."

Now Christina, originally from Tanzania, is studying at a bible college in South Africa.

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