Toy gun leads to real dad

Tello Mofedi
Tello Mofedi knows that God has protected him.

Tello Mofedi, known as Drips to his friends, is serving 18 years for armed robbery with a toy gun, but he believes his problems started as a young boy because he had no father.

Tello's mother got married, but her husband did not want anything to do with Tello, so he was raised by his grandmother.

Without the father figure, Tello felt a great void in his life and used to envy his friends who were always talking about the good things their fathers had done for them and teasing him because he had no father caring for him.

Tello's mother and grandmother worshipped their ancestors. "They used to talk to the dead at graveyards," he remembers.

"So I thought about God," he says, "but in a wrong way. I had no idea that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father. I did not know I was a spiritual being, as well as a physical being, and that I need to feed my spirit good food from God's Word, the Bible.

"My life was filled with lies and sexual immorality as I used to womanize a lot," Tello confesses. "I struggled with the love of money, as my home, when I was young, was a gambling den.

"I did not realise that [as the Bible says] a man reaps what he sows."

When Tello was sent to prison, he became tired of reaping trouble from his filthy lifestyle.

"I heard about Jesus in prison," Tello recalls. "Church and Christian radio outside of prison had no impact on me as I was busy with many ungodly things. But in prison I really heard for the first time."

Tello prayed asking Jesus Christ to be Lord and Saviour of his life and accepting God's peace and wisdom.

"When I got saved, my entire life was changed," he beams. "I don't lie anymore. I pray always and read the Bible every day. I know that I cannot take someone else's items by force or deceit. I have to ask the Lord to meet my needs."

Tello is grateful to admit that other inmates come to confide in and discuss their confidential and sensitive matters with him.

"Even they see the change in my life," he says happily.

The Lord has also protected Tello when he needed it the most.

"I got stabbed by a gang," he recalls, "I got shot, and I was in a bakkie that rolled, yet I am not a cripple."

Tello's message to fellow prisoners is: "It is not too late to receive the Lord. You cannot change yourselves – only Jesus, who died for us all, can do that. You pay nothing when you ask Christ to become Lord of your life. It is free of charge.

"People may promise you things that they cannot do. They may use you and leave you feeling useless, but God is faithful and turns bad things into good for His glory."

Tello pleads, "Please, do not depart from this world without taking Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour."

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