Poem by inmate Joseph S. of Wisconsin

How sure is your foundation?

How sure is your foundation?
Can you stand and not be shaken?
When the world around you quakes,
Will the ground beneath you break in?
Are you certain or mistaken?
Or have you been deceived
By the one we call Satan?
Don’t wait ‘til it’s too late,
To test the ground on which you stand.
When the world around you is falling,
And you find yourself on sand

Sinking …
Sinking into what the world regards as wise,
Enshrouded in the darkness,
Choking on the lies,
Drowning in your sorrow,
As you meet your soul’s demise.

How sure is your foundation?
Are your feet upon the Rock?
If the storms of life arise,
Or if you’re hailed by certain death,
Are you sure that on the other side,
What you’ve trusted will be left?

How sure is your foundation?
Have you tested it with fire?
Does the thought of simply trying it
Cause you to perspire?
Confident your faith is vested
In temporal desires?
If you’re sure of nothing else,
You can be assured of this:
Heaven and earth shall pass away,
And all that is therein.
But if you trust in Christ the Rock,
All you’ll lose is sin.

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