Ruined life made new

Marcus Jordan used drugs to drown out the dysfunction and abuse of his relationships until he found a love he had never known before.

Marcus Jordan
Marcus Jordan

Throughout my childhood I went through a lot of physical, sexual, and verbal abuse," Marcus confesses, "I became very dysfunctional and looked at life a lot differently than most kids.

"At the age of 12 I began smoking pot. One day my friend, my twin brother, and I got caught smoking a joint by my mum. I thought she was going to beat us to death; instead, she rolled a joint and smoked it with us.

"Every day since that day our house became the party house. Everyone thought it was cool that my mum let us smoke pot and do practically whatever we wanted."

Marcus begin skipping school and sport activities just so he could get high.

"I started taking prescription pills," he shares, "and my drug usage escalated. I even skipped school to go to work so I could support my drug habit."

When Marcus started dating a cheerleader from his school, things took a turn for the worse.

"She had a job as a pharmacy technician and she took the inventory on all the prescription pills," Marcus says, "So, of course, I talked her into stealing all the pills she could get her hands on. I became a slave to drugs.

"My life was being controlled by my addiction, and I couldn't cope physically unless I had some type of drug to take. It destroyed me.

"Next thing I knew, my girlfriend left me, I dropped out of school, and my reputation was ruined."

It was then that Marcus made a horrible mistake by trying crack cocaine.

"I'd never been so infatuated with anything as badly as I was with this drug. All my time, money, and effort went into this poison," he admits.

"I remember driving to my drug dealers and suddenly realizing how lost I was as a person. I began to cry out to God for help ... but my heart was so hardened that my feelings and emotions could not be reached."

After work one day, Marcus decided to commit suicide.

"I drank over 110 milligrams of liquid methadone and smoked a bunch of crack cocaine," Marcus says remorsefully, "Everything went black.

"I woke up a week later out of a coma with a machine breathing for me out of a tube down my throat. The doctors told my family that I wasn't going to make it, and if I did, I'd be brain dead."

However, God stepped in and Marcus recovered enough to leave hospital.

"Anyone in his right mind would have stopped using drugs at that point, but I was so far gone, nothing mattered to me."

Marcus continued using drugs and was in and out of jail several times. He destroyed his family, lost touch with his sons and burned many bridges.

When he hit rock-bottom, Marcus finally realised he had no choice but to turn to the only One who could save him - Jesus, who had died on the cross to take on Himself all of Marcus' guilt and shame and pay for all his mistakes and sins.

"Everything in my life has been changed drastically since I accepted Jesus Christ into my life and my heart," Marcus says joyfully, "I now know God is real because I would never have been able to [kick my drug habit] on my own. Jesus gives me confidence and a hope that through Him I can make it.

"My family is slowly being restored. I'm becoming the person I've always wanted to be. People actually come to me for prayer and answers. I have never felt this type of love, like the love of Christ, before. I'm so excited about my future that I don't have the words to describe it," he enthuses.

"If it weren't for God's never-ending love, mercy, and grace, I would be dead. Thank you, Father God!"

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