by Alan Bailey

Time marches on

Time makes sure nothing lasts for long. Everything around us is passing by, fading into the past at the same rate. Sure, certain solid things like you and me take a while to disappear completely, but eventually we'll go too.

hour glass

This flow of history gives us the strong impression that the most valuable thing is the latest to arrive. The new fashion, the new electronic device, the new entertainment is what's worth going for.

Then, it applies to history. Everything was bad back there. Through the years we have improved so much, the primitive old has been replaced by the sophisticated new. Undeniable, isn't it?

Not entirely

Not everything was bad. After all, the present has been built on the foundations laid in the past. We stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. A huge legacy is left for us to draw upon. (We still mess up badly though, Hmmm?)

So many today have the idea that talk about God and Christ is old hat. Out-of-date and out- of-touch. So old it has no relevance for today. This is a great mistake.

We read it the New Testament that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8). He spans history. Please don't think His life began at Bethlehem at that first Christmas. He has always lived—eternal with the Father. He was active though unnamed in the days of the Old Testament. His life on earth as man we can all read about in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

But we need to notice this. Jesus foretold future things. The destruction of Jerusalem was one thing. It occurred 35 years or so after His death. He spoke of the spread of the Christian gospel world-wide. How did He know that would happen? He described conditions that would prevail prior to His second coming, which is yet to occur. Those conditions, including the place of the nation Israel, are with us now.

No, Jesus is not out of date. By His death and resurrection He proved that He is the King of all Kings, holding power over the whole universe and mankind. He will very soon be the latest thing when He comes to judge the world. The Bible says that every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord to the glory of the Father.

Christians are people who have already bowed the knee to Jesus Christ as Lord. They know Him and are known by Him. It is the habit of Christians to speak to Him daily in prayer. They will welcome His return.

Reach out to Him, accept His forgiveness, and get to know Him better.

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