Home attack clarifies hope

Nathan Wexler
Nathan Wexler

When Nathan Wexler and his family were involved in an armed robbery where they were held captive and threatened, Nathan began to realise the true value and power of the faith he'd embraced as a child.

Nathan's family were missionaries in Kenya at the time, and he himself had prayed with his father as a five-year-old, asking God to rule his life.

"Even though I was young, I understood that I was lost," he remembers, "and there was something called sin which had come between me and God. However, I knew God had provided His Son, Jesus, to bring me back into a right relationship with Him. It was free and all I needed to do was accept that I was a sinner and ask that He save me."

As Nathan was growing up, there were many times in his life where God's power was evident.

"He provided money when I needed it for college," Nathan remembers, "I prayed for a job, which I got, as well as all the equipment needed, as I had nothing."

However, Nathan still struggled with rebellion and other selfish desires. "When I rededicated my life to serving God, I had a hard time giving those things up," he admits.

That rededication came just before a night he will never forget, when armed robbers burst into the Wexler's home and held the family captive.

"That night I felt the presence of God like never before," Nathan recalls. "God brought Scripture to mind so fast it brought me peace.

"As my family and I prayed, the robbers became jumpy and confused."

After a while, Nathan was so on edge he prayed, "I can't take this anymore, Lord. Please, make the robbers leave.

"The instant I prayed that, the robbers locked us in my parents room, took my Dad, and left," Nathan recounts.

Eventually, the family were able to get out and Nathan's father was released.

"To me, that was a display of God's power," Nathan states with conviction.

"Since rededicating myself to Jesus, there has been such a difference in my life. It is a marvellous thing. I have come to the realization of how empty my selfish desires were, and how they left me wanting more, creating an endless cycle. Since giving them up I no longer need or want those things."

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