Believe it or not


And the answer is: 26

In an article titled 'Questions we thought had no answers', Time magazine confidently declares that they now have the answer to how long until intelligent alien life is discovered. The answer, they say, is 26 years, or perhaps even sooner!


This 'certainty' is based on the 'fact' that life evolved on earth—so it must have done so elsewhere. Also, because there are an estimated 100 billion stars (and likely even many more) in our galaxy, the Milky Way, the probability of alien life is high.

Time writes:
"Estimates of the number of active alien civilizations [in the Galaxy] range from 10,000 to 1_million. So far we have examined only a few thousand star systems. But the rate at which we're doing so doubles about every two years. At that rate, we will have examined 1_million systems by the mid-2030s and 10_million by 2040, making it highly probable we will find someone or something."

Real science reinforces the impossibility of life evolving by itself from chemicals anywhere, not just on earth. And the Bible makes it clear that the idea of intelligent extra-terrestrial civilizations (evolved or created) is a non-starter (see

So it is hardly going out on a limb for us to confidently predict that the number of alien civilizations discovered will continue to be the same as at present: zero.

When will we discover alien life? Time, p. 69, 8–15 September 2014,

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