by Karl Faase

Balancing work and prayer

William Booth
Salvation Army founder William Booth

Different personality types respond to the life of faith and belief with different attitudes. There are those who gravitate towards work and action. For them the prayer and contemplation is pointless introspection and they believe action is needed.

Others are very comfortable with sitting quietly, thinking about the world, they consider what needs changing and believe that as they bring their concerns before God He will respond to their prayer.

These two attitudes are often held up as being in conflict.

A great figure and a giant in Church history, William Booth, who started the Salvation Army, sought to hold these two attitudes in tension. These attitudes are to be done in the context of someone who is already a believer in Jesus; a Christian.

He said...

"Work as if everything depended upon your work, and pray as if everything depended upon your prayer."

There is great wisdom in those words.

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