‘Your cancer has become a baby!’

Baby Walker
Baby Walker

Gospel recording artist, Blair Monique Walker, took to social media in May to announce the miraculous birth of her new baby boy, Noah Alexander.

While many parents might rightly regard the beauty of new life as a miracle, Blair had an even stronger reason for doing so.

Months earlier, Blair had been diagnosed with uterine cancer. Doctors told her that she would have to have a hysterectomy, which meant that she could never have another child. The surgery was scheduled.

According to Breaking Christian News, when the day arrived for her to visit her surgeon for a pre-operative check-up, she says something amazing happened.

The surgeon was looking at an ultrasound of Blair's uterus to see the size of the cancer, but he could not find any tumours. Instead, he saw something else.

"It looks like your God removed all of your tumours and left you with a baby," the doctor said.

When she announced Noah's birth, Blair stated: "Miracles do happen. I can say I have seen a couple in my lifetime.

"Nobody but God could have done something like this. I stand amazed. My heart is overwhelmed and I can only expect greater things from God. Thank you to everyone who prayed for a full-term complication-free pregnancy. Your prayers were heard."

Blair's husband, Terrance, had faith that God would heal his wife. He said that the birth of Noah has strengthened his faith even more. "I always knew that God could do it because He had done minor things for my first son.

Blair Monique
Blair Monique

"He had a hernia and I used to pray ... and it went away by itself ... It is all about just trusting God, because sometimes it might not happen how you think it should happen."

Blair adds, "[God] did this for us. I do not know why, I cannot tell you why He chose this situation but it is incredible to me."

The couple hopes their story encourages others to put their faith in Jesus and then trust God for miracles in their lives.

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