Bully thinks ‘forgiveness is a sin’


Growing up in Nigeria, Ozzy struggled with containing his bitterness and hatred. He was sent away to a boarding school and by the age of thirteen, he was drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and hanging out with the wrong people.

Ozzy joined a gang and his actions became darker as his hatred towards his parents and the rest of the world grew.

He was a big bully at his school and went by the school slogan, "Forgiveness is a sin."

"If someone did something wrong to me, I refused to forgive them because I was just wicked," Ozzy admits. "From there on, I was just a really bad [person]. I did loads of wrong stuff and my parents were not proud of me. I was just horrible in my schoolwork and everything I did in life seemed to turn out badly."

At the time, Ozzy called himself a Christian and had a conviction that there was a God, but he never had a personal relationship with God or obeyed Him.

He tried to do good things but soon slid straight back into his old ways. "I did not have any peace," he shares openly on a YouTube video. "I knew I was wicked, right from when I was little."

Ozzy remembers that the year he was supposed to go from Nigeria to England to finish studying "my Dad would not let me go. He said I should do one more year in Nigeria because he thought if he just let me go, I would be in a terrible state. I was really angry then. I was really angry about life."

One day, he saw a book about the Bible verse, Proverbs 23:7 which says, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

"This was the first book I had ever read. But [it showed me] just how foolish I was. I knew I had to change my ways. I tried to do loads of religious stuff but there was still no peace in me until I went to England."

Upon Ozzy's arrival in England, he forgot about trying to live a better life and "just carried on doing things my own way". He attended a Catholic boarding school and was even baptised in the Catholic Church, but he was still drinking, doing drugs and hanging out with girls.

Then, Ozzy went to Manchester to visit a friend from Nigeria. His friend bought him a Bible and he began reading it, starting in the book of Proverbs. Later, Ozzy read the Gospels in the New Testament.

"I was really shocked by the kind of things I was reading about Jesus and His claim, saying that He was God," he recalls. "No one had ever told me that before."

I knew
I was
Ozzy then applied to the University of Manchester but was rejected. When he applied again, he remembers "I was lost and I prayed. I did not even know what to say, but I asked the Lord to help me get into Manchester and then I would serve Him."

This time, Ozzy was accepted into university. But he quickly forgot what he had told God and carried on as before.

Ozzy kept going to church but felt like a hypocrite because he was still smoking and using drugs. Then he was invited to attend a different church where, for the first time, he heard the good news about Jesus paying for our sins with His death on the cross.

"I thought, 'Wow, I have never heard anything like this. There must be a catch behind this. How can we just believe in Jesus Christ and be saved?'" he recounts.

For the next six months, he was miserable as he continued to search for the truth. When he hung out with his friends and saw the things they talked about and the music they listened to and the clubs they went to, Ozzy realised "that this life was not the life I wanted to live".

During a party at a club one night, Ozzy could no longer stand it. He ran from the place and collapsed, weeping, on the road. "Lord, I want to change, save me!" he pleaded.

Ozzy talked to his pastor and heard other people's stories. They all said the same thing: "Repent, turn away from your sins and put your trust in Jesus."

"I thought, 'Where else can I go to?' I finally understood the Gospel: that it is all about Jesus Christ, and what He did. I do not need to look to my own goodness because He has paid the price for all my sin."

Ozzy reread the Gospel of John and "it just blew my mind to see who Christ is and how much He is worth. Since then, the Lord has been helping me, more and more, to understand who He is. That is why I need to read the Bible every day."

To others who are struggling with their faith, he encourages, "If you have not trusted in Christ, He is all we need in this world and we just need to repent and trust in Him. He has paid it all for sinners."

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