by Roger Carswell

An anchor for life

Have you ever noticed the anchor down on the side of a ship? It is huge and hefty. It is sure and steadfast.

The crew send it plunging into the sea. It takes hold of something which, to us, is out of sight. Fastened to a chain, the anchor grips and steadies the ship, keeping it from shipwreck.

Drifting aimlessly does not appeal to me. I like to know where I'm going and, once there, that I will be secure.

I was at the exciting age of 15 when I found an anchor for life.

The teen years are not usually the age noted for stability, but the moment I put my trust in Jesus Christ I experienced meaning and motive, peace and purpose.

Life had its ups and downs even as a teenager, but 30 years on I have found that Christ has kept me steadfast and sure, just as the Bible said He would.

In a changing world there is something that does not change: the love of God for us.

Jesus' death on the cross and His rising again, shows that love.

On the cross, Jesus died paying the punishment for all the wrong in our lives.

Now forgiveness comes to those who are anchored to Christ.

As far as God is concerned, our sins can be cast into the deepest sea, never to be found or fished out again.

But Christ didn't stay dead. He rose again. He is alive.

He can keep safe all who are anchored to Him, no matter what storms and billows beat against us.

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