by Cyril Wood

Not a handyman

I remarked to a friend recently, "There are a lot of things I'm not very good at."

hammer and nails

I'm not your average handyman and no great shakes as a gardener, either. My inadequacies also extend to the domestic front.

I can just about manage to boil water without burning it, but I have never got beyond the "Take two eggs and separate them" stage.

Then I get bewildered by the gadgetry in kitchens these days.

Not that there are many in the Wood household, let me hasten to add, but even the washing machine frightens me. Which button do you push and which dial do you turn?

We haven't got a dishwasher. Instead, my wife married one. And that's where I come into my own.

There's nothing like a pile of gleaming plates, all clean and shining on the rack, to bolster the old ego.

But then, that doesn't require a great deal of skill and understanding does it?

My lack of comprehension extends into the world of sport.

Of British origins, I do like the game of snooker. At least, I used to long years ago. Even so, I have a sneaking suspicion that the games I won were due more to the lack of skill of my opponent rather than to my own prowess.

With my background, football is very much a closed book to me. I suppose it's simple enough, for those who understand, that is.

Thank goodness an intellectual understanding of God's salvation plan is not necessary to share its benefits.

There is a hymn which says:
Many are the things I cannot understand,
All above me mystery I see;
But the gift most wonderful from God's own hand
Surely is His gift of grace to me!

Another verse says:
When I came to Jesus with my sin and shame
And to Him confessed my deepest need,
When by faith I trusted fully in His name,
God's rich grace was granted me indeed.

If you cannot understand why God should love you, even to the extent of dying for you to save you from your sin, just believe that He does (and did) and act accordingly.

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