Only one way?

At least there’s one!

Christians say it all the time and Jesus said it Himself when He walked on this earth— He is the only way to God and to heaven. "I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes unto the Father except through me" (John 14 verse 6).

That might seem greedy or unfair. How can one man be the only way to eternal life? What if I don't want to confess Jesus was the Son of God? What if I don't believe it? What if I live my life in the right way, love the people around me, do good in the world— what if I am a good person? Why is that not enough to get me into heaven?

one way

Because heaven is reserved for the perfect and faultless. Heaven is not just for good people and hell for bad people— heaven is for people who have never once lied, or cheated, or had a jealous thought, or put themselves above others, and hell is for everyone else. Hell is for you and me. Heaven is for no one in this world.

Jesus is a loophole. He is a free keycard into heaven. Swipe it and get in, no questions asked. He is the only way, but rather than complaining there is only one way, we should be rejoicing there is a way at all. Because there shouldn't be. Because we don't deserve it.

We deserve death. And for us to be allowed entry into heaven, for the loophole to work, someone perfect and faultless needed to take on our fate and die instead of us.

Jesus did that, and that is why He is the only way.

In no other religion did someone who was blameless voluntarily put themselves through the worst kind of death with your very face in mind, taking the punishment for every little and big thing you have ever done wrong so you could become blameless in God's eyes and get access to an everlasting life with no pain and no suffering.

That's why it has to be Jesus. Without His sacrifice, there would be no hope for us beyond this life.

At Easter we celebrate because we are remembering the day when we were all given a keycard into heaven, when all the ways in which we mess up began to no longer matter, when forgiveness started raining down on this earth as it continues to do today.

You can't get into heaven by yourself. You might be good, but you've done bad things. But that's okay— you still get to go to paradise, you still get the eternal life only reserved for the perfect and faultless.

You don't have to do a thing— except let that rain pour down on you and wash away the sin, the filth, the wrong, the painful, from your life. Except receive the gift Jesus gave you when He died in excruciating pain even though He had done nothing wrong. He did that for you, and He gives you this gift, completely free, if you just recognize what He has done and let Him love you.

You don't deserve this gift. But take it anyway.

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