Angry atheists take it out on God

One of the most contradictory and perplexing facts about atheists is how many of them express anger at God.

Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland, Ohio) psychologist Julie Exline has published findings of long-term research which reveal that those who endorsed their religious beliefs as "atheist/agnostic" or "none/unsure" reported more anger toward God than those who reported a religious affiliation. A "negative life event" was often the catalyst for anger.

In the atheist's naturalistic worldview, thoughts and reasoning are just illusions caused by chemical reactions in the brain. So anger, whether at God or anything else, is just another illusion of brain chemistry. And being angry at an entity one claims to believe is non-existent is of course difficult to justify rationally.

Study explores whether atheism is rooted in reason or emotion,, 9 June 2014.

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