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Universal diary app

diary app

Universal Diary app is a bit like an old-school Filofax that people used to keep everything in the 1980s. It is a journal, budget book, to do list, photo album, alarm clock and sketch book all in one, with every entry (which the app calls marks) neatly ordered according to date and easily accessible.

For each day you can rate the day with a smiley face, take a photo that encapsulates your day, write an entry, add a free-hand drawing and choose a shape.

Marking the day by a circle, square or star could be used, for instance, by a chronic pain sufferer to indicate days when the symptoms are bad. Then, at a glance, you could see how many days a month you were in pain and if there is a pattern to it. Or you could use the shapes to indicate days you or your partner worked FIFO, or nights you slept well or days you stuck to your diet or exercised etc.

You can also use the app to keep track of your finances each day and set a reminder, complete with alarm, for a task to do.

One feature I particularly like is a spot to record your good ideas - great for those sparks of inspiration you get at 3am.

You can also put a hashtag before an entry to "tag" it so that you can easily find it later or associate it with similar entries.

The app is free in the Google Play and iTunes stores, but if you upgrade to the ad-free full version for a few dollars, you get the added extras of: being able to set a password to keep all your info safe; data backup and restore (using Google Drive or an SD card) in case you change or reset your device; the ability to change various features like the background appearance and the currency; and you can set the app to remind you to make your "marks".

Universal Diary is highly rated and is a great way to keep track of your private thoughts, ideas, tasks, photos and finances.

Use it as a dream or travel journal, food diary and mood tracker too!

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