By Carol Round (abridged)

Don’t focus on the dot

In a recent devotional by Christine Caine, she relates a story about attending a psychology class where her professor projected a picture of a small black dot in the middle of a large white screen.

When he asked the class, "What do you see?" they all responded the same. "A black dot."

black dot

The professor asked again. "What do you see?"

The class was confused as they responded with the same answer. "A black dot!" Caine recalls the professor's response, saying it was a lesson she'd never forget.

"You were all so focused on the little black dot in the center of the screen that none of you noticed the dominant image on the screen: the large white space covering the screen top to bottom, left to right."

Caine admits it was suddenly obvious because they'd chosen to focus on the black dot. "That's all we saw," she says.

What happens to our focus in life when it remains on the black dot on the canvas of our lives? We lose sight of what God is doing around us. Still, you can be assured His power is at work, even when all we see are our problems.

"When we focus on the vastness of God's mighty power and amazing work on this planet, we'll start to see His work in our lives," Caine adds.

Seeing God at work in our lives requires us to look past the black dots. Until I recommitted my life to the Lord in late 2001, I'd ignored the white space. My focus wasn't on Him, but on myself.

When I began to examine my past in light of God's blessings, my eyes were opened. I recall a time when I'd been faced with my own mortality, at the age of 17. However, it was 10 years later before I admitted my healing had been a miracle. I finally saw God in the white space.

You, too, can quit living in the black dots of life. Ask God for new vision. Then you will see Him at work all around you.

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