Back from the brink of death

Vusi Moris knows that he should be dead.

Vusi Moris

While driving drunk Vusi Moris was involved in a three-car traffic accident that put him in the Intensive Care Unit. Neither he nor his family thought he would get out alive.

But he did. And then he went right back to drinking.

The alcohol and Vusi's worldly attitude made him think that being a charmer with the ladies was what would make him feel fulfilled. But when he was arrested for rape and sentenced to 25 years in prison, none of those girls he thought were so impressed with him would even come to visit.

He realised that his popularity was fleeting and that those girls he had spent so much money on, who he thought cared about him, didn't.

Feeling abandoned and unloved, Vusi went to church one Sunday and heard about a God who loved him deeply and unconditionally, and who had shown that love by sending His Son, Jesus, to die for Vusi to save him from his sins.

"I was touched and changed completely," Vusi remembers. "I accepted God and what He had done for me."

Other prisoners have remarked upon the difference in how Vusi's actions and attitudes have changed. He says God has strengthened him in tough circumstances and helped him to ask others for forgiveness when he offends them.

Vusi still has a long way to go in his sentence, but he says he would rather be inside with Jesus than "dying slowly" without Him on the outside.

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