Rapist finds redemption

Esau Dlamini
Esau Dlamini

Esau Dlamini, known as 'Stone' to his friends, knows what it is to hit rock bottom, but has now found the true 'Rock' to build his life upon.

Esau admits that although he grew up in a good home with parents who loved and provided for him, he was obsessed with material possessions, dreamed of living 'the good life' and selfishly only thought about 'number one'.

"My thoughts were consumed with sex and alcohol," he admits. "I changed girlfriends like socks, was unfaithful, and stole from others in order to splash money around and impress the girls.

"I was proud and rebellious," he acknowledges. "I was all about fancy clothes and shoes, alcohol and money. As I got older, I started dating younger and younger girls, eventually getting involved with under 16s."

Esau had not gone to church and had only occasionally thought about God or spiritual things because he was much more interested in possessions, but then circumstances caused him to re-evaluate his priorities.

The low point of Esau's life came when he was beaten into unconsciousness by an angry mob for violating underage girls. He was half-dead by the time the police intervened and arrested him.

"I woke up after six days in hospital and I started to search for God," he shares.

While awaiting trial, he got hold of a Bible and began to read it, and then started attending church at Leeuhof Prison.

Now, seven years into a 25-year sentence for raping a minor, Esau says he decided to become a Christian five years ago because he was sick of walking in darkness and lies and wanted to live according to God's will.

Esau has found that since accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour the most startling change has been that he is able to speak the truth every day.

He says God's words and teachings in the Bible have helped him to overcome his addictions and encourages other prisoners to choose the light while they still can because "Judgement Day is coming soon".

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