Given a second chance

Leneord Soule
Leneord Soule understands what it is to be trapped in a porn addiction but has found that Jesus can set you free.

Truck driver Leneord Soule is serving ten years in prison on sexual assault and possession of child pornography charges.

He admits that he has done a lot of things that “are not right” and has “lived badly” in his 44 years.

“I got so addicted to looking at porn that I couldn’t go a day without it. When I was home from work I would just sit by my computer, ignoring my family.

“I also had a quick temper, and my wife and child, whom I love, suffered as a result,” he confesses sadly.

Leneord’s childhood was marred by physical and verbal abuse from his father, and he is ashamed his own parenting has been no better.

However, when Leneord heard the prison doors slam on him in Parys Prison, the reality of his situation hit home and he felt really afraid. He realised he had to do something to get his life right.

He said Christians came to the prison to share the good news about the salvation offered by Jesus with the inmates, and to Leneord “they were like angels” bringing him hope.

Leneord knew his life was a mess and he had a family who needed him back home, so he was motivated to ask for God’s help, that he might be forgiven and have the power to overcome his sexual addictions and live right.

“I am keen to live for the Lord,” Leneord says. “God has given me another chance to do the right things, and to make it up to my daughter, whom I have hurt so badly.”

Leneord particularly likes the passage of the Bible in Matthew chapter 6, which contains the Lord’s Prayer, and an encouragement not to be anxious for anything but to trust God for everything we need.

When he is released, he would like to work with prisoners to help them find the joy and freedom he has found in Jesus.

Leneord’s final warning is: “Watching porn is no good, it poisons your mind and ruins your life.”

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