Living for the best

Hope Mzolowa
Hope Mzolowa

From childhood Hope Mzolowa went with his parents and three siblings to church. At Sunday School he learnt about Bible stories, memorised many Bible verses and sang choruses.

Even though he was well known for his church attendance, Hope knew he was not living the way he should be, even though he was so young.

As he grew he developed a liking for music which was not good for Christians to hear. Often he would leave home without his parents knowing so that he could go and listen to this music with his friends. "I had bad company," says Hope.

He knew he was living as a hypocrite, and "my conscience continued to trouble me about my wrong deeds," confesses Hope.

He adds, "One surprising thing is that, every time I would go and do something wrong, I still was looking to God for help."

Hope and his music friends were living a dream as they composed and sang songs which boasted about themselves as being wealthy. "We also were singing songs about other singers using obscene language. We called it life!"

Despite his knowledge of the Bible gained at Sunday School, Hope says, "I was completely ignorant of the truth of God." He struggled with the truth which he did know, that Jesus Christ was coming back at at any time, just as Jesus had promised. His conscience troubled him because he know he was not ready to meet God. Jesus said, "I will come again, and take you to myself ... You heard me say to you, I am going away, and I will come to you," (John 14:3 and 28).

Realising that the only way to have peace in his heart was to completely surrender his life to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour, Hope searched for truth. "I could not suppress the conviction of the Holy Spirit on my soul, it was real," Hope testifies.

One day at Zingwangwa Secondary School a guest speaker spoke of "Being the best through God". Inspired to be living a life led by the Spirit of God and not by his own desires, Hope surrendered his whole life to Jesus Christ.

"I prayed for forgiveness of my sins (wrong doings), my iniquities, my coldness of heart and my lack of trust. I asked Him (Jesus Christ the Lord) to empower me to turn around and to go in a way which pleases Him," explains Hope.

"My mind was renewed, I had peace in my heart knowing one thing, that I was a child of God."

He continues, "God has given to me a thirst for His word (reading the Bible) and I study it with the help of the Holy Spirit."

The Bible tells us in Romans 10:9–10 "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved."

By doing this, Hope obeyed the Scripture and is saved from the punishment for sin, and to service for Jesus Christ his Lord. Hope says, "Now I am a changed person, I am a new creation."

He continues, "He (God) has allowed me also to join with my fellow brethren (spiritual brothers and sisters who know Jesus as their Saviour and Lord), and we share the Scriptures together, pray together, and go out for evangelism."

Realising that he is linked to God through an unbreakable bond—by salvation from his sin by the death and resurrection of Jesus, Hope is now fearless to stand up for his Lord, "even when I am passing through difficulties," adds this young man.

Hope encourages all by saying, "Never mind how much you have sinned against God, just give to Him your true heart. This is a good time to call Him (Jesus Christ) to come into your life."

Be honest before God, and he will answer you. Like Hope, you too can live your life for the very best, through God.

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