Smile story

Friendly firemen foot the bill

firemen and microwave

Firemen Doug Hope and Brian Langston feared the worst when they responded to a Life Alert activated by an elderly woman.

They were relieved when they found her sitting up in bed. It turns out she had pressed the button on her Life Alert on accident, but she could use their help with something.

The woman told Doug and Brian that she lives alone and gets most of her food from Meals on Wheels, but many of the meals come frozen, and her microwave was broken.

"It was around dinnertime, and you can't leave somebody like that in good conscience," said Doug. "There's no way I could go back to the station and eat my dinner knowing that I left her that way."

So the firemen headed to the shops, bought a new microwave, and returned to her home to set it up and make her dinner.

"She offered to pay me, but I didn't want her money. Knowing she was able to eat that night... was enough for me," Doug said.

"Most people that interact with us are having the worst time of their lives," Brian added. "For us to do something [like this], it made her smile, so it was pretty cool."


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